Mission & Vision

Our Mission:  

Celebrating God’s Gifts, Telling God’s Story, Renewing God’s World

Our Vision: 

Vibrant, Liturgical Worship: As Christians we are called to worship God in all that we do. We gather for vibrant, intergenerational worship, anchored in Reformed, biblical preaching. Art and music enhance and illuminate our worship themes. We practice a classic, liturgical style of worship, thoughtfully drawing from the richness of the past while remaining open to new expressions of worship.

Faith Formation and Discipleship: The Christian faith is a life-long journey. We faithfully celebrate spiritual milestones and nurture one another toward living out our Spirit-led calling in all stages of life. Participation in worship, prayer groups, educational opportunities, and the study of Scripture serve to strengthen and deepen our faith. We tell God’s story, and as we mature in faith, are equipped and encouraged to share how God is at work in our own lives.

Authentic Community: We cultivate authentic, caring relationships in which we experience the gift of friendship and mutual support. We have fun together. We warmly welcome visitors and intentionally enfold newcomers into our faith community.

Kingdom Building: Led by the Spirit, we generously employ our abilities, time, and resources to live out God’s will and purpose in every aspect of life. In gratitude and humility, we recognize and celebrate the many ways we each live out our calling, share Christ’s redemptive message, renew God’s world, and expand God’s reign in our homes, our community, and our world.