Faith Formation for Adults

Adult Sunday School Class.jpg

Sunday SChool

The adults are lead by a variety of speakers, many from our own congregation, talking about how God is using them to renew this world.  Their meetings also can include times to study the text for the sermon in the morning worship service. Questions? Contact Mary Jellema, Tamara Stilwell, or Helen Westra.

bible Studies

We have many small groups that meet together to study the Bible together. Some groups meet year round, while others only meet for a few weeks to study something specific together. We have groups for men and groups for women, groups for seniors and groups for young adults. Contact Sandy Polet ( with questions, and to get more information about joining one of our many Bible studies.


Adult Fellowship

Our adults enjoy each others company!  We have opportunities to fellowship together throughout the year, including “Dine with 9” (a chance to meet new people by sharing a meal together), a “Progressive Dinner” (where you travel from one home to the next for different courses of food), a Beatles Night (where our resident Beatles expert Bob Keeley shares his passion), and more.  Keep your eyes open to the bulletin and our calendar for upcoming events.